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Fit Travel Workout

Fit Travel Workout

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All week I have been teaching my fitness classes without using equipment, so that my class members can take these moves along with them for Thanksgiving and other holiday travel. It’s easy as pie to work off those desert calories without needing to get to a gym or pack a suitcase full of dumbbells. All you need is my Fit Travel Workout DVD shot in China, Mexico, Italy, Chicago, NYC and Tampa that proves you can work out wherever life takes you. If you don’t have the DVD, you can also print out my three Military​.com fit travel columns for free.

Here is a 10 minute portion of the 30 minute workout that slims you with cardio and sculpts you with muscle toning.

1) Traveling push-​​ups (works chest, triceps, shoulders and abs): Start in a plank position (the top of a push-​​upon your toes and hands wider than shoulder width apart) perform one push-​​up by bringing the chest to the floor and keeping your arms wide so that your wrists and elbows remain in line. Push back to a plank position while engaging your abs. Take right hand and cross it over the left and then bring left hand out to the left and under your left shoulder, moving your body in a counter clockwise direction. Do a push-​​up here. Cross left hand over right and return to start. Do a push-​​up. Cross left hand over right again and move body toward the right in a clockwise direction. Move right hand out again to a normal push-​​distance and do another push-​​up. Return to start by crossing right hand over left and moving back towards center. That completes one rep and 4 push-​​ups. Perform 5 reps for one set.

2) Squat, rock and lift (works glutes, outer thighs and quads): This is also a great move to perform if you are around kids for the holidays. I perform this one with my baby in the Baby Bootie Camp DVD. Even without extra weight, its a great booty burner. Start in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Squat by shifting weight into the heels and bending knees to 90 degrees. As you return to standing, rock the weight to your left leg and lift your right leg out to the right with a flexed foot. Place right foot back on the ground and squat again, this time shifting weight to the right and lifting the left leg to the left to complete one rep. Do 20 reps for one set. This hip abduction works the outer thighs and quads. Target the glutes by doing a second set and instead of lifting the leg to the side, lift it behind you between squats.

3) Down dog shin reach (works abs, shoulders, chest): Start in a plank position like in move 1. Tightening your abs, lift your hips to the sky and shift weight back into the toes, keeping heels lifted off the floor. While shifting the weight back, also take your right hand off the floor and reach it toward your left shin for an oblique challenge. Move back into plank and return right hand to the floor. Push weight back toward down dog with hips lifted and weight into the right hand while reaching your left hand towards your right shin. That completes one rep. Perform 15 reps for one set.

4) Airplanes (works upper and lower back, glutes, hamstrings and rear delts): Lay on the floor, face down, with both arms extended away from the body at shoulder level forming the letter “T”. Lift your legs, arms and head off the floor by contracting your glutes, upper and lower back. Hold in the “up” position and move your arms to the front of your body reaching past your head. Return to the “T” position and lower the entire body down for one rep. Do 15 reps for one set.

Cardio Intervals: Perform jacks and jump rope moves for 3 minutes in between each set. Keep it interesting by changing the feet to knees up, one leg hops, pogo stick hops, heel taps, etc.

Pack this workout, an iPod and a pair of sneakers to stop you from packing on the pounds this holiday!

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