About us

When we heard about the amazing properties of silver it grabbed our attention and piqued our interest. We wanted to learn more about this extraordinary element, so we did our research and learned that silver has a long and interesting history. Silver has been used for many purposes and in many ways for centuries. 

At Silversport® we wanted to continue this history and even build upon it. We believed that silver could play a role in products for today.

At SilverSport, we made a commitment to this role. We now offer a great line of products made with our SilverClean® technology. SilverSport has changed the entire sports and workout experience.

From the workout room, to the playing field, even to the shower, SilverSport is ‘Keeping Sports Clean’ and your workouts odor free.


SilverSport® products are offered to you by:

EcoProduct Group LLC
PO Box 11065
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Contact Customer Service By Phone: 412.364.1792

Email Us: keepingsportsclean@silversport.com

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