Who We Are

SilverSport® was founded with one goal in mind: to make exercise as clean as possible. After researching the market, learning about all of the amazing uses for silver, and hearing the multitude of stories about the prevalence of dirty fitness areas such as gyms and yoga classes, SilverSport® was created. Our company provides quality products that are the cutting edge solution to creating a clean work out environment.

Every SilverSport® product includes nano-silver to keep its surface clean and anti-microbial. Using state of the art nanotechnology, nano-silver releases silver ions that bind to and naturally eliminate odor-causing bacteria without using harsh chemicals. The silver that we use is EPA registered and OEKO-TEX™ approved.

Fashionable and functional, SilverSport's® activewear collection is designed to provide the ultimate companion for your workout. The products that make up this line are made with SilverClean® technology, providing odor-free and bacteria free relief without compromising comfort or fashion. All of our products are made and manufactured in the United States of America.

SilverSport® products are offered to you by:

EcoProduct Group LLC
PO Box 11065
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Contact Customer Service By Phone: 412.364.1792

Email Us: keepingsportsclean@silversport.com

Customer Service Hours: Monday thru Friday
                                                       9:30am to 3pm EST