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silversport in accessories magazine

Article: “Item of the Day: SilverSport”
Author: Jeff Prine

“As you take a sip of your ice-cold bottled designer water, remember your friends and colleagues in California are facing their fourth year of extreme drought. Residents are experiencing the new mandate to reduce their water use by 25%. The unprecedented restrictions are causing Californians to look for every possible way to save water, even re-considering how often they wash their clothes and towels. Fewer wash loads means saving more water.
A new sportswear brand called SilverSport claims it can help.....”

silversport in wired magazine

Article: “Self-Cleaning Gym Gear Targets Bacteria, Sweat”
Author: Kyle Stack

“Sanitization at the gym has moved beyond wiping down the bench or bike with a towel and disinfectant. It’s gravitating toward self-cleaning equipment that wipes sweat away and keeps people protected from harmful bacteria....”


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